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We strive to create a lasting first impression and transform any vehicle into a creative statement. 

Let us design a unique vehicle wrap for your business.  Vehicle Wraps reach 80-85 percent of the top 100 markets. Mobile advertising reaches both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Uniworx-design can help you leverage this to benefit your business. A traveling advertisement is valuable in both urban and rural settings. In a city environment, a Vehicle Wrap can be seen by others while sitting in traffic, driving down the street, and onlookers from surrounding buildings. In a rural environment, your Vehicle Wrap is visible to those in your town and others driving down the road.

Consumers may get used to seeing a specific billboard on the side of a street they travel often, a vehicle wrap uses eye catching yet personalized graphics to maximize exposure.  Whether you have a  fleet or you are an independent contactor, this is an incredible low cost advertising solution for maximum viewing impressions.


We use high quality products increasing the longevity of your wrap, ensuring maximum exposure for years to come.

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